Destroyer D-214 SACHTOURIS in Alicante, Spain

These photos were taken of the Isbell when she was Sachtouris D-214 in the Greek Navy. All pictures were taken at the Alicante port in July 1992. Provided by Javier Alba Original source here.


One Response to “Destroyer D-214 SACHTOURIS in Alicante, Spain”

  1. Giovanni (John ) Viola Says:

    I served as the Hospital Corpsman on the Duncan and A.J. Isbell 1951 1954 including nineteen months combat in the Korean War.I have written a book called,” The Second Truth”, 1950 1953 Korea the forgotten war. It is available anywhere books are sold in paperback, hard cover and E-Book. It is being considered for a movie or TV series……it is funny,sad,heartbreaking and entertaining

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