Wardroom List, Beginning of 1971-1972 Deployment

Jim Dillon (LT, Weapons Officer, 1970-72) provided this list of officers in the Isbell’s wardroom at the beginning of the 1971-72 deployment.

Roland J. Carr, CDR, USN Commanding Officer

Donald D. Sheppard, LCDR, USN Executive Officer / Navigator

Ted McDaniel, LT, USN Engineer officer
David M. Schauer, LT(jg), USNR Main Propulsion Assistant
Thomas Dozier, ENS, USNR Damage Control Assistant

James J. Dillon, LT, USN Weapons Officer
Charles R. Winthrop, LT(jg), USNR Antisubmarine Warfare Officer
Benjamin S. Phinney, ENS, USNR Gunnery Officer
Dean S. Nakayama, ENS, USNR First Lieutenant

Cain (NMN) Garrett, LT, USN Operations Officer
Tyler Giesemann, LT(jg), USNR CIC Officer
John Nute, ENS, USN Communications Officer
B. Howard Bagely, ENS, USNR Electronics Material Officer

David Bredeman, LT, SC, USNR Supply Officer
John E. Suite, LT(jg), SC, USNR Disbursing Office

(ENS Hank Gurry came aboard in Hong Kong, assigned to Engineering Dept.)

One Response to “Wardroom List, Beginning of 1971-1972 Deployment”

  1. Thomas Dozier Says:

    I was not USNR, thank-you very much!!

    (But I did forget about all of those H&I missions in I Corps during the midwatch! Quartered in the “JO Bunkroom” near Mt 51, cannot understand how I could have forgotten.)
    Onboard 1970-1974.

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