Did the Isbell really sink a yacht in 1968?

Did the Isbell really sink a yacht in 1968? Read this Letter to the Editor from the July-August-September 2005 issue of The Tin Can Sailor. (30 July 2005)


See cruise book entry on the subject.

2 Responses to “Did the Isbell really sink a yacht in 1968?”

  1. ussarnoldjisbell Says:

    I was on the bridge that day as Navigator and the version you got is pure bilge rot. The newspaper story is in the cruise book. We were in transit from California to Pearl at the beginning of the deployment and were test firing our guns in the middle of nowhere. The yacht did not have his sails up and the ocean swells concealed him from our radars-small target, big ocean.
    -Clark Hodges

  2. Gordon Godfrey Says:

    Hodges above is correct. I am the gun captain from the rear mount and I personally fired the shells. We were checking our sightings we had done on the guns. After firing twice, 2 rounds of concrete projectiles to the horizon, we were ordered from the bridge to cease fire. We subsequently learned that the radar had been shut down for a field cleaning and thus we were unaware of the yacht. The yacht was allegedly owned by the author of the book “The Mouse that Roared”. They were on a Hawaii to Acapulco yacht matter. The headlines of the paper was “Navy fights Mouse that Roars”

    I was a GMG 3 in charge of the gun mounts. As an aside I was personally decorated by our Captain Walker as the leader of our gun division following that 68-69 cruise in Viet Nam for our outstanding combat gunfire.

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