CDR Charles R. Johnson (CO, 1949-50) passed away


CDR Charles “Chuck” R. Johnson passed away on 8 August, 2005, at his home in Malibu, CA. Chuck was the Isbell’s Commanding Officer from 1949-50. His son Chris passed along these comments:

“Dad was a 1938 graduate of the USNA. Served on the cruiser New Orleans before the war and was on Adm Kimmel’s staff at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attack occurred. What great stories that produced! He served as a communications officer in the South Pacific and Australia during the first part of the war, then was navigator in the cruiser Spingfield during ’44 and ’45.

“After the war he commanded Davisson then AJ Isbell before being whisked off to Washington for a Pentagon tour. After that he was an instructor at the Naval Academy, XO of cruiser Manchester, then Commander, Destroyer Squadron 25 in Pearl Harbor. His last assignment was as the commissioning Commanding Officer of the Naval Inshore Operations Training Center in Vallejo where riverine sailors were trained for their tours in Vietnam.”

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