Honolulu Star-Bulletin – Wednesday, Oct. 3, 1955

Thanks to Alec McCaig for this newspaper copy.

Honolulu Star-Bulletin – Wednesday, Oct. 3, 1955

Four Destroyers Arrive

1,000 Men On Way to Far East

Nearly 1,000 men will examine Honolulu’s assets as a liberty town before taking off next week on a six-month tour of duty in the Far East.

The men arrived at Pearl Harbor at noon today aboard the four destroyers of Destroyer Division 112.

The ships are the Ozbourn, Arnold J. Isbell, Hollister and the radar picket destroyer Frank Knox.

The ships, which have served together nearly four years, were here in March en route to the West Coast


On their last duty tour of the Far East, they helped evacuate civilians and military personnel from the Tachen Islands to Formosa.

In 1953, they escorted repatriated Chinese prisoners of war from Korea to Formosa.

Captain B.C. Oelheim of Buffalo, New York, is commander of the destroyer division.

Commanding officers of the ships are Commander H.T. Scott of the Ozbourn; Commander J.J. Hoffey of the Knox; Commander E.R. Zumwalt of the Isbell and Commander G.H. Lowe of the Hollister.


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