ET2 Richard Blake Photos

ETC Richard Blake contributed these photos from the 1970-71 WestPac cruise.

The ET Gang, entering Singapore, 14 May, 1970. Kneeling left to right: ETC Otis Steen, ET3 Loyal P. Kuhn, ET2 Larry Shaddix, ET2 Richard Blake, hunched over behind me is ET2 O’Neal Jackson. Standing left to right: ETSN Bob Howie, ET2 Bob Ward, ET2 Billy Strawbridge, ET2 Richard Noble Nelson, ET2 Michael Shiveley, ET3 Jack Romain, ET3 Danny Little, John “Jed” Dubuque.

“These are two of the saltiest chiefs on the ship, unfortunately I don’t have their names, but if some see them and can identify them that would be great!”

“ETC Steen is the “Royal Baby” and as a slimy polliwog it is your duty to “kiss” the Royal Baby!”

“ET3 Danny Little, ET2 Richard Blake, ET2 Michael Shiveley, and ET3 Loyal P. Kuhn. We have survived the “shellback” initiation and are no longer “slimy polliwogs!”


One Response to “ET2 Richard Blake Photos”

  1. bianca Says:

    if you have any information on richard noble nelson, id really appreciate it. im trying to find him

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