Bill Graham Photos

Bill Graham (RM2, 1946) sent some great items from his scrapbook. These go all the way back to the Isbell’s very first days.

A journalist rode the Isbell in 1946 and reported in Newsweek about the inability to man ships due to post-WWII force reductions (click the small image below to read the entire article).


NBGR were the radio and signal flag call letters, Bookkeeper 9 was the voice radio ID.


Here’s a higher resolution version of this photo without the printing. Thanks to Dan Adams for supplying the photo. Dan’s father Anton (Tony) Adams served aboard the Isbell in 1945. Tony passed away March 7, 2005.


One Response to “Bill Graham Photos”

  1. John Viola (giovanni) Says:

    I have just submitted my book about my nineteen months combat as the Hospital Corpsman on the Duncan and the Isbell during the Korean War. Its title is ,” The Second Truth.”

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