Jim Perino Photos – Korea 1949

Jim Perino provided these photos of the first Korea cruise.

“I Served on the Isbell from late 1948 to late in 1950. I was in the Deck force. I served when commander Johnson was the Captain. We made a cruise to Hawaii, Okinawa, Shanghai, Tsingtao, Hong Kong, Subic Bay, Manila, Cebu city, two other Philippine ports, and home to San Diego.

“We were in a Typhoon just out of Okinawa. We went to Tsingtao to take the American Counsel General and his family aboard as the Communist army was coming. We could see the gunfire flashes at night. We were off Tungsha Banks when the Chinese Army of Chang Kai Shek came down the Yangtzee river on anything that floated.

“We were in drydock in Mare Island to have our 40MMs changed to 3″ 50s when Korean war broke. Our orders were changed and we were supplied with cold weather gear and made ready for war. We went to Korea and served with Task force 99. At the end of that cruise, before the ship returned to the states I transferred to the USS New Jersey (BB-62) for her first tour in Korea.”


One Response to “Jim Perino Photos – Korea 1949”

  1. Giovanni (John ) Viola Says:

    My book, The Second Truth,1950 1953 Korea the forgotten war is available wherever books are sold, its about my two and a half years on tin cans including the Duncan And the A.J.Isbell including nineteen months in combat as the Hospital Corpsman. Its funny, sad heartbreaking ,historic and most of all entainening.

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