1968-69 Cruise Book

1968-69 Cruise Book

Contributed by Ltjg Clark Hodges


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  1. Chris Galbraith Says:

    Anyone know where I can pick up a copy of the 68-69 cruise book . I was a Gunners Mate on that cruse , and would love to have a copy . Thank You …. Chris W. Galbraith GMG3

    • Michael McNeil Says:

      Hi Chris. I have a pretty good photo of you swabbing one of the gun barrels. Send me your address, and I’ll forward it to you. Mike McNeil

  2. Myles Hodson Says:

    Do you know if a Cruise Book for 66-67 exists?

    • M Fagnani Says:

      My husband, Joe Fagnani, was on the Arnold J. isbell during this time too. Gulf of Tonkin SAR Missions etc. Sadly, he just passed away recently. Researching for things myself. Bless you.

      • Myles Hodson Says:

        Hello M Fagnani – Myles Hodson here. I served on the Isbell from 1965 to 1967. I have more than one Agent Orange related conditions. I would like to communicate with you about this, I can provide some information that may be helpful. I convey my Sincere Sympathy to you and your family.

      • rilsan@charter.net Says:

        Hey Myles, I just started receiving benefits in September. Keep pressing and hopefully you will get the results we all deserve. I am going to look up Fagnani and respond to his widow. God bless Riley

      • Al Acuna Says:

        Ms. Fagnani my name is Al Acuna I served with your husband we both were in the Supply Division. Since he was in good shape when we were at sea we used to work out in one of our compartment below decks. I think I noticed that he had passed and unfortunately time is catching up with us. I’ll always remember him but I can’t recall his first name was it Joe.
        I wish you all the best and one day I’ll meet up with him.
        Al Acuna

  3. Don Friedman Says:

    I still have my copy i’ll see what I can do Don Friedman SK3 Vernon Hills Il

  4. Chuck Staab Says:

    YN3 ships office, been pen pal with PC3 Al Ferguson, if anyone remembers him or me. Also have a copy of ’68-’69 cruise book.

    • George M. Gowens Says:

      I was RD3 under RDCs Zavorban and Dale Hastings. I remember both of you and all of the Radar gang. We steamed under Cdr. George Walker and Cdr. Bobby Hoffman. I keep in contact with Radarman David Lybarger and recently talked to Radarman Keith Strever.

      • Dawn Pratt Says:

        Are you referring to Andrew zboravan. He is my father and I’m trying to find proof if he ever set foot on Vietnam soil for the purpose of Agent Orange. He has three of the conditions and has qualified medically but I don’t know how to prove weather he was ever on leave or onshore. Can you help?

      • Dave Lybarger Says:

        Hey George… are you still out there? Hoping we can reconnect. Hope all is well with you shipmate.

      • ddservises@aol.com Says:

        Anyone remember if there was a cruise book for the 1967 cruise??. I picked up the Isbell VIA highline in June in the South China Sea.   

        Dan Radebaugh

    • Al Acuna SK3 Says:

      I was across the passage way from your office, I also know Al Ferguson and you probably kinow my brother Steve Acuna he was also a YM3 at the same time as you were on the Isbell.

      • Nigel Boucher Says:

        Al Acuna Do you remenber me? My name is Nigel (tony) Boucher SK3 1968 -1969

  5. Riley Shuford Says:

    I have a copy of the ’67 cruise. Ithas been through many moves and states. Don’t know what condition it is in but will check. It is in my attic. I spent the better of four years from ’66-’70 and three Westpac cruised on the Isbell. Just now looking at some of the notes due to medical problems.
    Shuford MM2

    • Myles Hodson Says:

      Hello Riley Shuford:

      I will pay for copies of your 67 Cruise book if we can get together. Please reply as soon as possible.

      We need to help each other, we have many other shipmates from our time on the Isbell who have serious medical problems.

      Myles Hodson

      • Dawn Pratt Says:

        My Father, Andrew zboravan, is one of those Shipmates who is suffering right now and I need help in determining how I can prove that he was on Vietnam soil. If you have any information please pass it along.

    • Brad Davidson Says:

      Better late than never. I’m from USS Brinkley Bass DD887. We did on station relief of Isbell as III Corps NGFS ship on 11 Nov 1968 at about 0600. Our deck log for that date indicates the turnover took place on the north side of the “Saigon River Channel”. If someone will let me know where to send a copy of the log, I’d be happy to do so. I’ve also ordered copies of the Isbell’s logs from NARA as backup verification.

      Brad Davidson ebraddavidson@comcast.net
      USS Brinkley Bass DD887 1970-73

      • Dawn Pratt Says:

        Can you tell me how I can get ahold of the logs? I am trying to help my father get his just benefits. He was on the ship from 1965 to 1970 and his name is Andrew zboravan. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

      • Brad Davidson Says:

        Dawn – Please email me at ebraddavidson@comcast.net I have log sheets and other information that you might use to show Isbell on inland waters in 1968.

    • Daniel Radebaugh Says:

      Riley any chance I can possibly get a copy of the 1967 cruise book. Thanks
      Dan Radebaugh BT3

  6. Myles Hodson Says:

    Riley Shuford – I am the shipmate who inquired about the 66 or 67 Isbell Cruise Books. Would you please consider taking your Cruise Book and making a copy of the whole book? I was on the Isbell from latter 1965 well into 1967, two WestPac tours. I am filing for Agent Orange exposure for numerous health problems; there may be helpful information in the pages to support my claim. I will pay for copies and postage once we make direct contact.

    Your health problems may be related to the same exposure. I have been in contact with two other shipmates who are also experiencing ailments that are most likely Agent Orange related.

    Thank you,

    Myles Hodson

    • barton burlison Says:

      barton burlison . I was also on the Isbell from 1965-1969 I am also have a lot of illness related to Agent OARNGE LOOK FOR ANY PROOF FOR THE va i WAS KNOWN ON THE SHIP AS burley bt2 FORWARD FIREROOM. I was also given the oppurtunity to leave the ship and go up rive in nam the danang river, it was around the time new jersey was there, am looking for any information to support my claim, any info would help ,please send as soon as possibe I dont know how long I will be around. thanks for any help sincerely burley

      • Myles Hodson Says:

        Hello Burley:

        I remember you and have tried to get through to Riley Shuford again. A copy of his 67 Cruise book could be very helpful. Including you and me and Riley there are at least 6 Shipmates from our time on the Isbell who are having health problems which could be related to exposure to Agent Orange. I would be willing to communicate with you further.

        Myles “Mike” Hodson

      • Gordon Godfrey Says:

        I was on board the Isbell from late 67 until we returned from Nam in early 69, January or February . Yes we were in Da Dang when they had agent Orange discharge and did a lot of gunfire support shooting up check point Charlie. Yes we went to The Mekong, and did gunfire support there etc.. I remember all very well. I was the gun captain in the rear mount and fired the shots at the yacht od the author of “the Mouse that Roared” and what I read about it here is BS, I pulled the trigger. I remember it all very well. IF YOU NEED INFO PLEASE CONTACT ME. GMG3 Gordon Godfrey, glg44@outlook.com

      • Daniel Radebaugh Says:

        Nate this is Dan Radebaugh. Don’t know if you remember me, but I was good friends with John Latta. Have been trying to find him but so far no luck. Any idea where he may be.


    • Dawn Pratt Says:

      My Father, Andrew zboravan, is suffering from three of the conditions from Agent Orange and was on the Isbell as best I can gather from 1965 to 1970. Can anybody help me with how I could go about proving that he set foot on Vietnam soil? He’s in the assisted living right now and could use the help. Thank you

  7. Lee Watson Says:

    My husband Lee Watson was on the isbell from may 68 to dec 68 in R divison. He to has health problems from Agent Orange but these were linked to his time at Cam Rahn Bay NSF in support of river boats from march 69 to march 70 over hauled and ran v12 detroit diesels. We never thought his time on the isbell might be a factor.

    • Essie Baxter Says:

      my husband, Larry A. Baxter BT was on the Isabel-I believe the dates were from 1968…Vietnam era; Larry alsosuffered from upper respiratory illness, first experiencing collapsed lung and…eventually diagnosed with thoracic cancer-Larry’s illness claimed his life on June 19, 2009. If anyone out there remembers Larry Baxter, please email me: ebx@pacbell.net

  8. Glen MacIntyre Says:

    I was on board the Dizzy Issy from April until September 1968. It was first assignment out of booot camp. II was a QM striker by the time we got out of refresher training. Anybody remember when we almost shot a sailboat of the author of the book “The Mouse That Roared?”

    We had a gunfire exercise in the middle of the Pacific. QM2 Buell (sp) asked if were shooting at a target. The Conn said no. So Buell says, “Well those 5 inch shells are falling just astern of a sailboat. The guy on the sailboat sent a message asking if Canada was at war with the US.

    They grabbed the QM’s logbook the minute we hit Pearl and the Skipper was called on the carpet. Some guys thought that “Crazy George” was going to be relieved but they just sent us on our way to West Pac.

    I was transferred off the ship in Formosa to go to Hospital Corps School. I never found out if anything ever came form the sailboat incident.

  9. gilbert garcia Says:

    Hey don ,I dont know If you remember me but I remember you. gilbert garcia is the name,you were a good friend and alwaysin my thoughts.

  10. gilbert garcia Says:

    Hey don ,I dont know If you remember me but I remember you. gilbert garcia is the name,you were a good friend and always in my thoughts.

  11. Riley Shuford Says:

    It is now June 30th of 2012 and I have only had one response. Thank you for that Myles. If anyone has any more information on Agent Orange caused Ischemic heart disease please respond to rilsan@charter.net. I have my congressman working on my claim but he is not running for re-election so I need help before Nov. if any one can come up with our time spent in the Mekong Delta and /or the Mekong River. I know we were there but all the information sent to me from the Navy left out either of the trips up the river.
    Help would be greatly appreciated. I was just laid off with only 8 months to go until retirement.
    Thanks to all my shipmates,
    Riley Shuford
    MM2 1966-1970

    • M Fagnani Says:

      Riley — my husband Joe Fagnani was also a shipmate on the Isbell during this same time. Gulf of Tonkin etc. SAR missions… He just passed away from esophageal cancer. I’ve had several fellow Veteran friends ask about possible Agent Orange exposure.. I know the Isbell is listed somewhere as a Blue Water ship. Thinking about at least notifying the VA should esophageal cancer being connected to this exposure. He was very healthy up to this point. Good luck to you and thank you for your service. M Fagnani, Widow, Joe Fagnani 1966-68

  12. E.C. "Mickey" Lawrence Says:

    Shuford, I also have a ’70 cruise book that you are in but no comment about being in the river at Danang. I remember being there several times engaged in gunfire support. Like others I am currently fighting small cell lymphoma and a heart condition. Let me know if you come up with anything. mickeylawrence869Agmail.com.

    • Riley Shuford Says:

      Are you the Lawrence that worked in the after engine room with Arney? I was specifically asking about the Mekong river and the Mekong Delta area. I have information we were on the Siagon River from the Department of the Navy but all the info on the Mekong was left out of the 100 pages I received.

  13. gilbert garcia Says:

    I was on board from 1968 -1970 and do remember the mekong , I would like to get a copy of the cruise book.

    • namriverrat69 Says:

      I remember you Gilbert. We were haning out on the bow as we pulled out of Pearl after a one day in and out ammo offload. We were speculating on the future. We had been good friends. Do you remember me. Rolf Olsen YN2

      • gilbert garcia Says:

        It’s been along time, but never to long for friend .hope your ok buddy. life has thrown me some curves, but now it is all good.

  14. peter b. johnston Says:

    hey gil,pete johnston here. remember the apt. fire in long beach. that was a close call! let me know how u r doin. pete

    • gil garcia Says:

      Hey pete,really good to here from you Im in good health and happy. I hope you are ok ,you are my friend always buddy.

      • peter b. johnston Says:

        good to hear from you gil. after our wespac tour,l was transfered to san diego.was discharged there,went back to chicago,weathered a winter and headed back to sd, been here ever since. tell me in a couple of words,what you’ve been up to in the past 42 yrs! (Smile) if you ever come this way,look me up and l’ll put you up and give you the tour. are you in touch with any of our old shipmates or know what’s become of them? like you,l’m happy and healthy as can be expected for a 64 yr. old. look forward to hearing from you again. amigo pedro (pete)

      • gil garcia Says:

        well pete im retired since 2010 from the city of chicago ,I have two sons and a daughter. second time around for me and I have been blessed with crazy and wonderful wife. I JOINED DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS, and spend time helping out they helped me have a better life. I’ve seen a few names on this sight but your my first contact. I may take you up on that offer,buddy. stay loose talk to you soon your compadre gil.

    • Michael McNeil Says:

      Pete Johnston Mike McNeil here. Just cruising the inter web and saw your name. Thought I’d give you a try. Didn’t you bring a Yamaha back and come up to my hometown Ventura with me? Let me know if you get this. I’d like to talk

      • peter b johnston Says:

        Hi Mike, yeah that’s me. Just saw your mail. l remember you as if it were yesterday. l brought back a 650cc Kawasaki. Got me in lots of trouble! (smile) l’m in San Diego, last 44 yrs. lt would be great to hear more from you and get together some time. l hope you’re doing well and in good health. Let me know more. Your old ship mate, Pete.

      • Michael McNeil Says:

        Give me a call 8057987461   Its good to hear from you.   Michael G McNeil

        From: USS Arnold J. Isbell (DD-869) To: bofusmcneils@yahoo.com Sent: Tuesday, January 3, 2017 5:31 PM Subject: [New comment] 1968-69 Cruise Book #yiv6807417236 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv6807417236 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv6807417236 a.yiv6807417236primaryactionlink:link, #yiv6807417236 a.yiv6807417236primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv6807417236 a.yiv6807417236primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv6807417236 a.yiv6807417236primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv6807417236 WordPress.com peter b johnston commented: “Hi Mike, yeah that’s me. Just saw your mail. l remember you as if it were yesterday. l brought back a 650cc Kawasaki. Got me in lots of trouble! (smile) l’m in San Diego, last 44 yrs. lt would be great to hear more from you and get together some time. l” | |

  15. peter b. johnston Says:

    hey gil, having a hard time getting back to Hullnumbers list w/ the e-mail addresses.anyway, remember Ramrod,the little guy that peed from lifeboy sta. on the officer on the flight deck?(Smile) or Huelett Boyd Bean,that spent the whole cruise on restriction cause he would’nt work! how about Mary Su,that painted the ship in four days after the fuel oil spill,using nothing but wads of thread dipped in paint! it be good to get your regular e-mail address. l’ll keep trying,l guess at hull#.com pete

  16. Myles Hodson Says:

    Are there any Isbell Shipmates left from 1965 to 1967? If so, post a reply here, I have encouraging news concerning Agent Orange Exposure claim going through.

    • Essie Baxter Says:

      Larry A. Baxter served on the Isbell (rank BT1) from 1965-1969. Does anyone who served on the Isbel know or remember this sailor.

      Larry befriended a mate by the name of Raymond Mason an electrician (his wife Shirley Mason and daughter Karen);another matehismiddle name was Govan-Larry named his son after this mate Danny “Govan” Baxter. Unfortunately, Larry succumbed to throat cancer June 19, 2009 -Agent Orange???. We are seekingclosure. Thank you for any information you can provide. His surviving wife, Essie Baxter.


  17. BM2 FRANK DIFEDE Says:


    • Myles Hodson Says:

      Hello Frank – Mike (Myles) Hodson here…I am willing to offer some assistance. I left Isbell early July of 1967. I did acquire (at great out of pocket expense) the Isbell Deck Logs from November 1965 when Isbell entered the combat zone of the territorial waters of South Vietnam during my first WesPac tour and the second tour mostly in the territorial waters of North Vietnam. I have Deck Logs from Jan 67 to June 67 which would be part of the time you are questioning. Send an email to: xplor4me@tds.net with your name and Isbell in the subject line and I will be happy to respond to you and hopefully work something out if you think information I have will help you.

  18. Marsha Fagnani Says:

    @ Myles Hodson — I just saw your post from back in 2012. It looks like you served on the Isbell with my late husband Joe. I often wonder if AO had something to do with what happened to him. I received his military service records and received a very thin package. Bless You, Marsha

  19. Giovanni (John ) Viola Says:

    My book, The Second Truth 1950 1953 Korea, the forgotten war. is available wherever books are sold. its about my two and a half years on tin cans including the Duncan And the A.J. Isbell and my nineteen months combat as the Hospital Corpsman. Its funny, sad, heartbreaking ,historic,and most of all entertaining.

  20. Bob Johnson Says:

    Looking for photos of PCF’s alongside Vietnam USS Isbell DD869 68-69 cruise. Will pay for cost of shipping etc. Johnson ST1 – rjohnusn@yahoo.com

  21. Daniel Radebaugh Says:

    Anyone remember Bill Taylor BT1 in the after fireroom. How about Smitty he was a BT3. Don’t remember his first name.

    Dan Radebaugh

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