Fritz Thavenet Photos

Photos supplied by Fritz Thavenet. Fritz made one cruise with Capt. Porter who was still in command when Fritz left in December 1958.

“Now I know why I left the Navy after 4 years. I believe this was 3rd class pay at that time.”

Sports teams from the 1957 cruise.

3 Responses to “Fritz Thavenet Photos”

  1. Joe Hutter Says:

    I was on the baseball team 1957. we did have little problem with Marines after a ball game in Subic Bay. Served 56 to may 58.

  2. Joe Hutter Says:

    Was part of bridge gang SM 3rd. Won E under Capt. Zumwalt. Capt. Porter ran into Yacht while docking under his command. What a difference in Captains. Also went through 2 typhoons and did alot of damage to ship. Did enjoy All ahead Flank under Capt. Zumwalt. Hellcat was the Isbell.

  3. Tony Parise Says:

    My father Patrick Parise played baseball on that ol’ tin can in 1957. He told me lots of stories about back in the day.

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