Isbell in Wellington, NZ, 1956

Destroyer Division 112 in the harbor at Wellington, New Zealand in 1956. The Isbell is in the foreground and the USS Ozbourne (DD846) is at her port quarter. The USS Frank Knox (DD742) and USS Hollister (DD788) are tied up abreast at the inner pier.

The photo below is a detail of a photo covering a much larger area of the city. Click on the photo below to view the larger image.


One Response to “Isbell in Wellington, NZ, 1956”

  1. Michael O'Callahan Says:

    My dad was Lieutenant of First Division and Gun Boss on the Isbell 1950-1953. His name is William O’Callahan. He turned 90 in August but still remembers losing Bosuns Mate Mekler and several others in a seiche (freak wave) in 1952 going to Formosa patrol from Korea.

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