Ship’s Roster 1952

1952 ship’s roster provided by Buddy Sweatt (MM2/C 1948-52)


6 Responses to “Ship’s Roster 1952”

  1. Giovanni Viola HM3 Says:

    1952 crew list…. wonder why I,m not listed.was there 1951 to 1954 as hospital corpsman

    • melissa stowers Says:

      my dad was in the navy 1951-1955 was aboard the uss arnold j isbell
      a machinist mate– David C. Willis– does anyone remember him? I noticed he is not on this roster

    • trabant Says:

      Sorry to bother you,
      I am looking for familly members of
      a “Giovanni Viola” born in 1879 in Modica, Sicily
      spouse of Eannatta Giorgia.
      on behalf of a Giovanni Viola in Marseille, France,
      age 56 today.
      What information do YOU have on the Viola family in the States ?
      Thanks for answering to :

  2. scott j e tmsn Says:

    to fellow torpedomen bartels, wesack cunningham etc like to hear from you JACK E SCOTT 2608 MAY LANE #101 LA GRANDE, OREGON 97850

  3. george mcwhorter Says:

    does anyone rember me george mcwhorter deck hand nickname worthless I served on the isbell in the 50ts. we were in a bad thypoon in the formost straits and were busted up verry badly. went to yokuska japan for repair,s

  4. pcpc5 Says:

    My dad was E W (Earl) Campbell Radio Man 3rd Class on the roster; thanks for posting!

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