1962-1964 Photos – John Tankersley

Photos contributed by John Tankersley, 1962-1964.

4 Responses to “1962-1964 Photos – John Tankersley”

  1. Philip Hofeld Says:

    Hay mates been sincew 1967 since I have seen or talked to anyone from the Isbell except Myles, if anyone has any information on this Agent Orange thing thatmight help all of us that was on bord the Isbell off Vietnam while we were there Please let me knowso I can put it to good use as I am becomming a service rev for the DAV here in Oklahoma but I might be able to help you guys from other states that in like Myles and others. Again hello to all from the Isbell. From a fellow ship mate. deckape100@yahoo.com

  2. Myles Hodson Says:

    Thank you for posting something Phil, hope it gets some replies.

  3. Gordon D. Lee Says:

    Hi, I am Gordon Lee, I was aboard the Isbell from 1964 to 1966. I was a PN3 and was the Postal Clerk for the Wespac Cruise 1965-1966. I have not talked to anyone since I left the service. Would love to talk to anyone who served at that time. I am retired and live in southern california. my email address is gordyterri@aol.com

  4. Katie (Reeves) Burkstaller Says:

    Hi Steve Bilbo, My name is Katie Burkstaller (formerly Reeves). My dad is Ray Reeves. Do you remember him from the Navy days? He was a boxer. I live in Albuquerque NM and he and my mom live in Farmington, NM. I will fill out the info. below. I am also on Facebook under Katie Burkstaller if you want to go that route. Thanks!!

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