Press Release – In Korean Waters

A Korean-era press release featuring two sailors from Missoula, Mont.; Frank G. Lepiane, sonarman first class, and William J. Fuge, disbursing clerk seaman (click on images for larger versions).

4 Responses to “Press Release – In Korean Waters”

  1. John Viola Says:

    Just checking in with new e-mail address ..Served as Hospital Corpsman 51 to 54 Korean War years. Fewer and fewer of us left now, sure would like to hear from anyone or their families

  2. John Viola Says:

    John(Giovanni) Viola…

  3. John (giovanni) Viola Says:

    Wrote a book about our time on the A.J. Isbell including the Korean War years.” The Second Truth Korean War 1950 1953 the forgotten war” Its funny, sad, heartbreaking, informative, and best of all, entertaining. Available anywhere books are sold. Hard cover, paperback, E-Book.

  4. John (Giovanni) Viola Says:

    ..The Second Truth Korea 11950 1953 the forgotten war john Viola https://youtu,be/skhRalk4420

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