1971-72 Westpac Map

This slick interactive Google map shows locations of many events taken from the Isbell deck logs during the 1971-72 Westpac cruise. Click on individual markers to show details of the event. Thanks to Ted Guess (BT Div, 1970-72) who sent this in. It was created by Neal Jarnagin, Ted’s VA rep for Bremer County, IA.

google map westpac

2 Responses to “1971-72 Westpac Map”

  1. Brad Davidson Says:

    Good Evening – I was researching USS Brinkley Bass DD-887 deck logs and came across an entry that places USS Isbell in the Saigon River on 11 and 13 November 1970. Please advise if interested in copies of these logs for AO presumptive exposure use. Email me at directly at ebraddavidson@comcast.net.

    Regards – Brad Davidson – USS Brinkley Bass DD-887 ’70-’73

  2. Brad Davidson Says:

    Correction – it was 1968, NOT 1970


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