1971-72 Westpac Photos – MM1 Richard Chambers

MM1 Richard Chambers sent photos of the Isbell’s 1971-72 Westpac cruise. Photos include at-sea exercises with other fleet ships, an UNREP, the Shellback initiation, and photos taken around Devonport, Tasmania.



3 Responses to “1971-72 Westpac Photos – MM1 Richard Chambers”

  1. Galen Carnicelli Says:

    I served on the Isbell from 1970 to 1973 and my name is not on the crew list. How do I rectify that? Would love to get in touch with some of my shipmates.
    ETR2 Galen Carnicelli

    • Ted Guess Says:

      Galen we hate to leave off anyone. I would also like to add you to our mailing list for our ships reunions, too. I have your name rate and years on the ship. Send me your address (city, state,sip) and I will add you to that list also.

    • Ted Guess Says:

      To get on the crews list here go to the guest book and copy this comment in there and Dan will review it and add you to the crews list, or if you send me your information I would be glad to forward it to Dan for you after I update my list for the reunions.

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