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Supply Department, 1970

September 5, 2009

The Supply Department about 1970 photo provided by SKC Gerrold Ricks.

RDSN Jim Morris

September 5, 2009

RDSN Jim Morris stood quarterdeck watch in about October 1973. Jim was on the Isbell from about May 1973 to she was decommissioned in December. He is now an air traffic controller and lives in Kalamazoo, MI.

ET2 Richard Blake Photos

September 5, 2009

ETC Richard Blake contributed these photos from the 1970-71 WestPac cruise.

The ET Gang, entering Singapore, 14 May, 1970. Kneeling left to right: ETC Otis Steen, ET3 Loyal P. Kuhn, ET2 Larry Shaddix, ET2 Richard Blake, hunched over behind me is ET2 O’Neal Jackson. Standing left to right: ETSN Bob Howie, ET2 Bob Ward, ET2 Billy Strawbridge, ET2 Richard Noble Nelson, ET2 Michael Shiveley, ET3 Jack Romain, ET3 Danny Little, John “Jed” Dubuque.

“These are two of the saltiest chiefs on the ship, unfortunately I don’t have their names, but if some see them and can identify them that would be great!”

“ETC Steen is the “Royal Baby” and as a slimy polliwog it is your duty to “kiss” the Royal Baby!”

“ET3 Danny Little, ET2 Richard Blake, ET2 Michael Shiveley, and ET3 Loyal P. Kuhn. We have survived the “shellback” initiation and are no longer “slimy polliwogs!”

BT John Hunter Photos

September 5, 2009

BT John Hunter was aboard the Isbell on a reserve training cruise in 1972. He sent this photo of the Isbell chasing the Hancock.


Here’s the Isbell in Long Beach in 1973.


John also sent this Welcome Aboard pamphlet from 1972.



Isbell coming alongside the USS Kansas City (AOR-3), 1971

September 5, 2009

“Here’s a photo of the Isbell coming alongside the USS Kansas City (AOR-3) off the coast of Vietnam in 1971. I went to WESTPAC on the Kansas City in 1971 and again in 1972. I got off active duty in July 1972, and stayed in the reserves till retiring in 1996. I came aboard the Isbell as a reservist for two weeks in March or April of 1973 out of Long Beach.”

– ETC Brad Bradfield, USNR (Ret)


RDSN Michael “Beldon” Smith Photos

September 5, 2009

Mike Smith came aboard the Isbell as an RDSN. These photos were taken 1971-73. Mike stayed in and retired as OSC. (That’s a December 1971 Playboy, by the way.)


RDs in CIC. (From left) Jack Jones (from Fort Smith, Arkansas), Steve Page, Dan Davis Oregon), and Marc “TB” Ryan (from the San Francisco area).

Mike Smith and Mike Strickland

Rick Miller

Tom Passanisi. Mike thinks this may have been taken in Devonport, Tasmania.

ET2 Bill Strawbridge Photos

September 5, 2009

ET2 Bill Strawbridge served aboard the Isbell in the early 1970s.


Here’s the Isbell’s RD (Radarman) crew on the 1970-71 cruise. RD2 Hunter, RDE1 Valdivia, RD3 Shirk, RD3 Lynch, RDSN Strever, RD3 Gowans, RDSN Meyer, RD2 Pruett, RDSN Passanisi, RDSN Ryan.