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1971-72 Westpac Photos – Larry Ovian

February 9, 2015

Larry Ovian (BT2) shared these photos from the 1971-72 Westpac cruise.


1971-72 Westpac Photos – Wayne Tripp

June 25, 2013

Wayne Tripp (RMSN/RM3) recently ran across these photos of some of the officers aboard Isbell on the 1971-72 Westpac cruise. Click here to see all of Wayne’s Westpac photos.

Lt. Dillon:
1971westpac lt dillon

Lt(jg) Giesemann:
1971westpac ltjg giesemann

Lt(jg) Nute:
1971westpac ltjg nute

Lt(jg) Schauer:
1971westpac ltjg schauer

Ens. Bagley:
1971westpac ens bagley

Ens Nakayama:
1971westpac ens nakayama

2012 Reunion Photo

October 4, 2012

Those who gathered for the 2012 USS Arnold J. Isbell reunion are pictured here on 29 Sept, 2012, in Norfolk, Virginia. The guest of honor was Retired Marine Major Charles Isbell, the son of Capt. Isbell, seated second from the right. Thanks to Max Geyer (third from right, front row) for sending this photo.

2012 Isbell Reunion Group

1970-1972 Photos – Ted Guess

March 5, 2010

Photos from Ted Guess (BT Div, 1970-72).

Press Release – In Korean Waters

February 3, 2010

A Korean-era press release featuring two sailors from Missoula, Mont.; Frank G. Lepiane, sonarman first class, and William J. Fuge, disbursing clerk seaman (click on images for larger versions).


1962-1964 Photos – Henry Watson

January 6, 2010

Click here for photos contributed by Henry Watson, 1962-1964.

Henry provides updates on these guys he served with:
Tim Kozack:
David Sumstad:
Tom Beagley:
John Tankersley:
W.D. Stockton:
Jim Young MM2 was killed in a car wreck after he got out
James Yaw MM1 passed away in ’95 or ’96

Postal Items

January 6, 2010

Here are some postal items from the ship’s post office.

Contributed by Dan Davis