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Sachtouris (D-214) – Greek Navy

September 8, 2009

These photos were provided by who wrote:

On SAHTOURIS was the flag commander of the second destroyer squadron. She was the most popular ship with the best officers staff. We take the most difficult mission at Aegean and east Mediterranean with the Frigate ELLI (first squadron).

I did a stretch on the ship from the December 1985 until November 1986.

I am under the orders of two commanders H. TOURVAS and K. HARPANTIDIS.

(Personal photos taken September, 1986)

Here’s her entry on the official Greek Navy website.


History of the H.S. Sachtouris (D-214)

October 8, 2006

(Harry Cotronis served aboard the Sactouris after the USS Arnold J. Isbell had been renamed and turned over to the Greek Navy. Harry had intended to deliver this speech in person at the 2006 reunion, but a series of travel SNAFUs sadly prevented his appearance there.)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Shipmates,

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Harry Cotronis and I am one of the Greek Navy crew members who took over the Isbell right after it was decommissioned and transferred to the Greek Navy.


Isbell vs. Sachtouris

July 12, 1992

An interesting photo comparison when she was the Isbell in 1972 and the Sachtouris in 1992.


Destroyer D-214 SACHTOURIS in Alicante, Spain

July 12, 1992

These photos were taken of the Isbell when she was Sachtouris D-214 in the Greek Navy. All pictures were taken at the Alicante port in July 1992. Provided by Javier Alba Original source here.