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19 Responses to “Leave a Comment”

  1. charlie foster (69-71) Says:

    I’m not able to get into the guestbook. How do I do that now?

  2. Admin Says:

    Here’s a link to the old guestbook: https://ussarnoldjisbell.wordpress.com/2010/02/02/guestbook-archive/

  3. bandsxbands Says:

    Hey all,
    Just dropping by to say hi! Love the site 🙂

    (Posted using R4i NDS running R4 DS rrPost)

  4. William[Bill]Decker 46/49 Says:

    Joined the navy 3/45,the month the Isbell keel was laid.Went aboard 1/3/46 and left 3/49 and discharged in SanDiego.I was FC3.Must say that 3+years was the best years of my now 82 years.GOD bless the Isbell and the many men that made her the proud ship she was.

  5. J M Drushal (LTJG) Says:

    This is fo anyone who served before Oct 1969. When standing watch on the quarterdeck while in port the sailors woould always be commenting (grumbling) about the amount of brass they had to polish. Among these items was a sign to the effect that “Across this quarterdeck pas the best sailors….” I’m sure you remember it. Well, I got along well with the crew members, especially the MMs and BTs who worked for me. We joked quite a bit about how toi slove this ‘brass polishing’ problem. When I was leaving the ship for the last time one of the chiefs suggested to ne that I not open my trunk until I got home. Lo and behold, when I got home, what was in the bottom of my trunk but that sign! They had figured out a way to not have to polich it any more, and to helkp LTJG Drushal remember them. Well, I still have that sign. I would be delighted to donate it to a memorabilia collection for the Isbell, if there is one. Please note: It really needs some polish now!

  6. Barry Dahlberg Says:

    Can you help me to use the e-mail addresses listed in the crew list so I can communicate with those who have one, to inform them of reunion announcments. Each time I send out an announcment via USPS, it costs about $380.00 including postage and printing, not to mention the labor to put it all together.
    If I can figure out how to do it via e-mail, I can send more reminders and perhaps more Newsletters.
    Barry Dahlberg

  7. Jacob Says:

    Hello my name is Jake Vornholt and my grandfather served aboard the Isbell. I was wondering if anyone here knew him or possibly had any pictures of him/ with him? Thanks for any help.

  8. Ted Guess Says:

    Dan, just a note to update my record on the crew list. I retired in Oct. 2012 and moved from Davenport, IA to Shoreview, MN

  9. David M. Schauer Says:

    I have a copy of the 1970 WestPac Cruise book and would like to add it to this collection-any ideas how? I would also liike to see a copy of the next cruisebook from 1971-1972 as I left the Isbell in March of 1972 in Subic Bay just before end of the deployment. David M. Schauer Lt, USNR Ret., on the Isbell –Ltjg Schauer-Main Propulsion Assistant and the only commissioned EOW who stood watches in Main Propulsion and OOD watches underway.

  10. Robert Johnson Says:

    Does anyone remember the number of rounds fired at the ship from a North Vietnam artillery position. The captain argued that the number reported to him was not high enough for the commodore, he wanted a higher number.

    • Paul Munz Says:

      Thanks for the info and response. I did some research online and on the Isbell website. The info I found was that she received the medal for combat on March 14, 1966. She very well could have more than one medsl, I don’t know and can’t seem to find any other dates or information. Hopefully someone else out there has that info and will share.

      • Ray Thompson SCPO USN-RET Says:

        Don’t remember about rounds fired at us, but I do remember we fired 169 5″ rounds at them. The closest round fired at us was about 30 yards from the aft ULQ-6 antenna ( it was sprung). They were firing from both the mainland and from Hon Me Island. I was a RD3 at the time, in CIC. I was onb oard from Jun 63 to Jun 69. As far as I know that is the only Combat Action Medal we received, although I am fairly sure we got fired on at least a couple of times in the north and once when we were anchored in the Saigon river down south. I was there a long time so if I can answer any questions for anyone, ask away. Hurry though, I’m now 73 and my memories are fading fast.

  11. Ted Guess Says:

    To all shipmates of the Isbell during the Vietnam War: We are trying to get the Isbell on the agent orange registry for the years 1970 thru 1972. Neal from Bremer County VA (Iowa) is helping us. The VA rejected our claim, but Neal is using an outside group of lawyers to go around the VA. We are collecting pictures and documents that the crew have that prove that we were in Vietnam. Neal told us that he would also help the shipmates that were on the ship in the sixties also. All you have to do is send copies of pictures and documents to him. To do this go to BremerCountyVA.org and click on contact them or email them and attach the documents to the email, If you don’t know how to do that, just email him to contact you and he will tell you now to get the info to him.

    • Dawn Pratt Says:

      Can you tell me did you ever have any progress on the agent orange issue. My dad was on the ship from 1965 to 1970. He now medically qualifies if I can prove that he was on leave and set foot on Vietnam soil. But I’m not sure how to get that information. Anything you can do to help would be appreciated.

  12. bill brazil Says:

    hey all my name is bill brazil and I served on the Isbell in 65-66 I was a bm st i like the website

  13. Paul E. Munz Says:

    My name is Paul Munz, my nickname while onboard was Midget. I was on the Isbell during the 1966 cruise to Viet Nam when she received her Combat Medal Ribbon on March 14th. Does anyone have any info about that cruise or how/why she received the medal? I was in the engine room and really don’t have much recollection of the incident. Any info will be appreciated. I am unable to find any information online.

  14. LTJG James M Drushal Says:

    I served on the Isbell as the MPA from 8/68 through 10/69. During that time we escorted the cruiser that made a final bombing run in the north on Haiphong harbor. I always thought the Combat Action Ribbon was for the enemy fire we took while on that mission. Of course, I could be wrong or there may have been a second ribbon. It has been a few years!

  15. Paul E. Munz Says:

    Just found info on this site that I had missed. Check out 2 postings, “A Personal Letter From Al Martinez to His Mother” and the responses, also “A Sea Story by Robert Brazauskas.”

  16. Bert Swalue Says:

    I am ex RAN.
    I was in Hongkong IN 1968( while serving on HMAS DUCHESS) when USS Arnold J Isabell was also in port.
    We met up with bunch of ‘issy’ crew and consumed a few beers with them.
    A crewman by name of MARSHALL and myself swapped uniforms and proceeded onto our own ships . I still have that uniform.
    I sometimes wonder how he got on.
    Regards Bert

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