Navigating this Website

This new website format makes it much easier to navigate and find information you are looking for.

“Search this Site” – this box in the upper right allows you to search on any key word. Search on a shipmate’s name or perhaps another ship. Search results show page titles; click on the title to show the full page.

“Navigation by Topic” – this area off to the right lets you select specific categories. Clicking one will show up to seven related items. Note that at the top and bottom of many page will be “<< Older Posts.” Clicking this will show more items in the same category.

Most pages allow you to post comments at the bottom. Please feel free!

Clicking on the top image on any page takes you back to the home page.

Let me know how I can improve this website.

One Response to “Navigating this Website”

  1. Wes Wisdom Says:

    How do I add my name to the crew list? I was aboard from Apr. 1957 to Dec. 1959. I was a Radioman 3rd class when I left for shore duty at NAS Alameda, Ca.

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