Records from the National Archives

February 3, 2015

Combat Naval Gunfire Support File (CONGA)

Records About Isbell’s Naval Gunfire Support During the Vietnam War, documenting the period 3/1966 – 1/1973. (Full, fielded search page is here.) Records are from the The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.

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Includes DD 214/Separation Documents, Personnel Records, and/or Medical Records

Welcome Aboard

June 3, 2014


This site is dedicated to all former Isbell officers, crew, and other interested destroyer and navy buffs. It’s important to keep alive the memory of these old tin cans and the good and bad times we all had while aboard.

Arnold J. Isbell (DD-869) was laid down on 14 March 1945 at Staten Island N.Y., by the Bethlehem Steel Co. and launched on 6 August 1945, the day the US dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. Read the rest of this entry »

2014 Reunion

March 27, 2014

The crew of the USS Arnold J. Isbell (DD-869) will gather for their 12th reunion to renew old friendship, make new ones and spin sea stories, this time in St. Louis, Missouri.

Friday, September 26 – Monday, September 29
St. Louis, Missouri

We will explore the St. Louis area highlights via three tours:

Saint Louis Arch and Cahokia Mounds
Grant’s Farm and Brewery
Lewis and Clark and Lock & Dam

Download these documents for registration and tour information:

2014 Reunion Announcement (PDF)
2014 Reunion Registration (PDF)
2014 Reunion Tour Schedule (PDF) (coming soon)

Thanks again to Barry Dahlberg for another great organizational job.

Captain Arnold J. Isbell

June 26, 2013

Captain Arnold J. Isbell was assigned command of the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown near the end of World War II. It was while enroute to that assignment aboard USS Franklin that he lost his life when the Franklin came under attack near Okinawa. Captain Isbell’s name is etched in the Honolulu Memorial at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific as one of those missing in action, or lost or buried at sea in the Pacific. Below is Captain Isbell’s name and the serene setting of his permanent memorial.



1971-72 Westpac Photos – Wayne Tripp

June 25, 2013

Wayne Tripp (RMSN/RM3) recently ran across these photos of some of the officers aboard Isbell on the 1971-72 Westpac cruise. Click here to see all of Wayne’s Westpac photos.

Lt. Dillon:
1971westpac lt dillon

Lt(jg) Giesemann:
1971westpac ltjg giesemann

Lt(jg) Nute:
1971westpac ltjg nute

Lt(jg) Schauer:
1971westpac ltjg schauer

Ens. Bagley:
1971westpac ens bagley

Ens Nakayama:
1971westpac ens nakayama

2013 Reunion

June 18, 2013

The crew of the USS Arnold J. Isbell (DD-869) will gather for their 11th reunion to renew old friendship, make new ones and spin sea stories.

Thursday, September 12 – Sunday, September 15
San Francisco, California

We will explore the San Francisco area highlights via three tours:

Muir Woods, Sausalito & Ferry
Mare Island & Vineyard
San Francisco City & Pier 39

Download these documents for registration and tour information:

2013 Reunion Announcement (PDF)
2013 Reunion Registration (PDF)
2013 Reunion Tour Schedule (PDF)

Thanks again to Barry Dahlberg for another great organizational job.

2012 Reunion Report

June 18, 2013

by Barry Dahlberg

Tuesday, September 25 – Norfolk, Virginia
Several of the shipmates arrived a day early to explore the Norfolk area on their own, among them were Jimmy and Katy Pollock, their son-in law and daughter, Rick and Christine Swafford, Ben and Shirley Lowery, Joe Kiefner, and Barry and Evelyn Dahlberg.

Wednesday, September 26
Registration day began with the opening of the hospitality room where the shipmates began to gather as they arrived at the hotel. Some of the early arrivals explored the Norfolk area on their own while the Pollocks and the Dahlbergs shopped for Hospitality room supplies and refreshments. The ladies setup the room in preparation for the 6:00 reception. Subway sandwiches, fruit trays, vegetable trays, chips and, soft drinks, beer and wine were enjoyed by everyone while we reviewed the tour programs. There were two first time reunion attendees, Greg and LuAnn Hinshaw and Mickey and Slyvia Lawrence. The remainder of the evening was spent in the telling of sea stories and reviewing our escapades of many years ago. Seems as though the episodes get better with every telling.

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