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General Information

USS Arnold J. Isbell Ship Commissioning

Captain Arnold J. Isbell Biography

Captain Arnold J. Isbell Family Photos

Captain Arnold J. Isbell at National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific

Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt Jr.

List of Commanding Officers and Executive Officers

Ship Portraits

Isbell Ribbons

Postal Items from the ship’s post office

US Navy Memorial, Ship’s Plaque

Isbell in Souda Bay, Crete, 1995

All Photo Albums

Save Our Historic Destroyers

Records from the National Archives

Deck Logs – 1971-72 Westpac Cruise


2014 Reunion Information

2013 Reunion Information

2012 Reunion Report

2011 Reunion Report

2010 Reunion Report

2009 Reunion Report

2008 Reunion Report

2007 Reunion Report

2006 Reunion Report

2005 Reunion Report

2004 Reunion Report

2002 Reunion Report


1949 Cruise Book

Jim Perino Photos – Korea 1949

Ray Bright Photos

William E. Jarvis Photos

Bill Graham Photos

Christmas Card – 1949

The Oregonian – Friday, June 14, 1947

CDR Charles R. Johnson (CO, 1949-50) passed away


1950-51 Cruise Book

1952-53 Cruise Book

1954-55 Cruise Book

1956-57 Cruise Book

1957-58 Cruise Book

Fritz Thavenet Photos

Max Cooley Photos

Ship’s Roster 1952

Isbell in Wellington, NZ, 1956

Change of Command

Man the Rails!

“Far East Cruise ‘57″ patch

Isbell Alongside USS Helena (CA-75)

Man overboard!

Press Release – In Korean Waters

Honolulu Star-Bulletin – Wednesday, Sept. 22, 1954

Honolulu Star-Bulletin – Wednesday, Oct. 3, 1955

Isbell below “Jane Russell Mountain” in Sasebo, 1957


1960 Cruise Book

1962-63 Cruise Book

1968-69 Cruise Book

1962-64 Photos – Henry Watson

1962-64 Photos – John Tankersly

1962-64 Photos – Steve Bilbo

1967-70 Photos – Chuck Staab

1967-69 Photos – George Belliel

BT Paul Coyle

Isbell Coming Alongside USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63)

The Isbell approaching USS Ponchatoula AO-148, and USS Enterprise CVN-65

Isbell from USS Allen M. Sumner (DD-692)

Welcome Aboard pamphlet, late 1960s

Isbell in Long Beach, 1968

A Personal Letter from Al Martinez to His Mother, 1966

A Sea Story, by Robert Brazauskas

A Sea Story, by Mike Eckard

FRAM Conversion for USS Brinkley Bass (DD-887) and Arnold J. Isbell (DD-869), 1961

“The Sponge” Newsletter

Did the Isbell really sink a yacht in 1968?

Drydock, Long Beach Naval Shipyard, Summer 1964


1971-1972 Westpac Schedule

Wardroom List, Beginning of 1971-1972 Deployment

1971-1972 Westpac Photos – Dan Davis

1971-1972 Westpac  Photos – Wayne Tripp

1970-72 Photos – Ted Guess

1971-73 Photos – Jack Suite

1971-72 Westpac Photos – Larry Ovian

1971-72 Westpac Video – Larry Ovian

1971-72 Westpac Photos – Roger Niswonger

1972 & 1973 Portland Rose Festival Visit – Dan Davis

EN3 Harvey Anderson Photos

Supply Department, 1970

RDSN Jim Morris

ET2 Richard Blake Photos

BT John Hunter Photos

Isbell coming alongside the USS Kansas City (AOR-3), 1971

RDSN Michael “Beldon” Smith Photos

ET2 Bill Strawbridge Photos

MM3 Bill Loghry Photos

Isbell in Hong Kong – 1970

CDR Donald D. Sheppard

Reserve Fleet Exercises, 1973


Sachtouris (D-214) – Greek Navy

History of the H.S. Sachtouris (D-214)

Isbell vs. Sachtouris

Destroyer D-214 SACHTOURIS in Alicante, Spain

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