Captain Arnold J. Isbell Family Photos

See also Captain Isbell biography and ship commissioning.

These items were graciously provided by Zoe Montague, the niece of Capt. Isbell. The comments in quotes are hers.

“I was 12 when he died, but I remember a loved family hero, good looking, smart, and with a great sense of humor.”


“Arnold as a pudgy tot. He and my mother were born about 20 months apart in Oto, Iowa. I believe that at that time Arnold’s father was with the railroad. Arnold was named after my grandfather’s father, who’s last name was Arnold, and was a Civil War veteran. I don’t believe that either Arnold or my mother knew him. The family moved to Logan, Iowa, and Arnold went to school there. Tales are that he was a ‘good but wild’ kid, and I think everyone was glad when he got into the Academy.”

“Annapolis. He attended in ’17 and graduated in ’20. I believe they were hurrying people through because of WWI. Arnold is standing second from left in the first photo, and is seated top row second from right in the right photo.”



“Arnold loved flying and he was in it early. I remember that he was in charge of a group flying in Alaska. Before that he flew a lot. Before we got in the war I remember hearing that he was flying the mail to Churchill and FDR during a conference, somewhere in the Caribbean.” (Photo from the 1930s.)




“Arnold was getting an award from FDR.”

“Don, who I think was in prep school, Margarita (Arnold’s wife), Arnold, and Charlie.” (Early 40s.)


“Showing off his stripes – 1942.”


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