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1971-72 Westpac Photos – MM1 Richard Chambers

March 18, 2016

MM1 Richard Chambers sent photos of the Isbell’s 1971-72 Westpac cruise. Photos include at-sea exercises with other fleet ships, an UNREP, the Shellback initiation, and photos taken around Devonport, Tasmania.


1971-72 Westpac Map

October 30, 2015

This slick interactive Google map shows locations of many events taken from the Isbell deck logs during the 1971-72 Westpac cruise. Click on individual markers to show details of the event. Thanks to Ted Guess (BT Div, 1970-72) who sent this in. It was created by Neal Jarnagin, Ted’s VA rep for Bremer County, IA.

google map westpac

1971-72 Westpac Photos – Larry Ovian

February 9, 2015

Larry Ovian (BT2) shared these photos from the 1971-72 Westpac cruise.


Deck Logs, 1971-72 Westpac

February 8, 2015

Isbell veteran Steve Johnson provided access to these deck logs from the 1971-72 Westpac cruise. Steve is submitting these logs to the US Congress for inclusion in the agent orange list which will allow those on the last cruise to file for VA disability.

Deck logs 10/21/71 through 12/26/71 (PDF format)

Deck logs 1/16/72 through 2/16/72 (PDF format)

Records from the National Archives

February 3, 2015

Combat Naval Gunfire Support File (CONGA)

Records About Isbell’s Naval Gunfire Support During the Vietnam War, documenting the period 3/1966 – 1/1973. (Full, fielded search page is here.) Records are from the The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.

Request Your Military Service Records Online

Includes DD 214/Separation Documents, Personnel Records, and/or Medical Records

1971-72 Westpac Photos – Wayne Tripp

June 25, 2013

Wayne Tripp (RMSN/RM3) recently ran across these photos of some of the officers aboard Isbell on the 1971-72 Westpac cruise. Click here to see all of Wayne’s Westpac photos.

Lt. Dillon:
1971westpac lt dillon

Lt(jg) Giesemann:
1971westpac ltjg giesemann

Lt(jg) Nute:
1971westpac ltjg nute

Lt(jg) Schauer:
1971westpac ltjg schauer

Ens. Bagley:
1971westpac ens bagley

Ens Nakayama:
1971westpac ens nakayama

1970-1972 Photos – Ted Guess

March 5, 2010

Photos from Ted Guess (BT Div, 1970-72).